The title of this site has a dual meaning for me. It speaks to both my spiritual beliefs as well as my love of computers and all things technological.

In the computer world any geek or nerd worth his or her salt spends a lot of time at the command line (CLI). In the UNIX/Linux world the CLI is called the “Shell”. So when one is interfacing with a computer at the CLI they are interacting with the shell. If you extrapolate and compare this to human interaction then when I am interfacing with another human being we are interacting through a “human shell”.

From a spiritual perspective I need to briefly explain how I view human existence in particular and consciousness in general. I believe that we are composed of two separate and distinct parts. We have a physical (visible) half and non-physical (invisible) half. The physical half is of course our body. Our bodies are composed primarily of water molecules but also various other collections of atoms all structured into a utilitarian form that has evolved to accomplish various tasks needed to survive on our little, pale blue dot (Earth). We interact with our world through five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. We experience each other through these senses as well. But this is only half of “who we are”. The other half is composed entirely of our consciousness. I believe this energy exists throughout the universe in much the same way that electromagnetism and gravity exist throughout the universe. It is everywhere and in all things. Our brains act as a transceiver that “tunes into” this conscious frequency that permeates the cosmos. Together these two halves create one complete person. The body is a “human shell” enabling the conscious force to interact with the physical world.