Global Water Resources

Carl Sagan once called the Earth a “pale blue dot”. This is due to the fact that 97% of our little world is covered by water. This divine liquid has given rise to every form of life that currently exists on our planet as well as all the others that came before us. It is often said that water is the elixir of life. More specifically it is clean, drinkable, potable water that is the true enabler of not only our physical evolution but, more importantly, the ability of entire civilizations to pull themselves out of poverty and into productive, economically viable societies. Access to clean drinking water is most often the deciding factor in determining the heath and well being of a people. Unfortunately this all-important ingredient in the success of a stable and progressive society is often the hardest resource to acquire. If the global community cannot agree on a course of action to secure access to clean water for all inhabitants of our pale blue dot then not only will most of our fellow earthlings perish from disease and famine, many more will suffer in the eventual conflicts over the most basic of human needs…thirst.

Reality vs Non-Reality

John Lennon once said, “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination”. Any discussion of reality vs. non-reality will by its very nature be subject to the experience of the person speaking as much as that of the one listening. Reality like time, and to a certain extend the truth, is relative. Whether you’re analyzing a play, watching one of the numerous “reality” television programs, or waking up from a dream, you are experiencing a version of reality that exists singularly at that point in space and time. The thin line between perceived reality and imagined non-reality is nothing more than a conscious construct necessary to maintain one’s sanity.

Pain and Suffering

Suffering is God’s Mother, and pain – His Father. There isn’t a living being on this planet that hasn’t been exposed to suffering in some capacity. You can see it in the faces of your closest friends and relatives, as well as find it’s stain on almost every form of artistic expression. Many outlets have been explored to express and convey these constructs in terms that we can understand, but few provide any comfort or solace. Pain and suffering, whether emotional or physical, are core components in defining who we are as sentient beings.