Personal Log 3

It’s never too early & it’s never too late, not to decide what your priority is, but to constantly reevaluate what your priority is. The trick lies in knowing that everyday you spend awake slightly alters your priorities and perceptions. Once you can acknowledge that, you’re truly free to control your priorities instead of constantly trying to live by them.

Personal Log 2

I was recently asked “If you could design a woman fit for Dom, what would the personality traits, looks, etc be?”

Personal Log 1

Home. So tired. I’ve been up for so long I’m not sure what the numbers on the clock mean anymore. They’ve become sequential wanderers without a purpose, marching towards an unknown destination. There’s a surreal feeling in my apartment tonight. Lights are off, the only sound floating in on the cool New York breeze crossing the barrier usually guarded by my window. I’ve been pouring the fundamentals of Calculus into my overcrowded brain non-stop for the past three days. Today was my midterm, the culmination of constant cramming since 7am yesterday morning. That’s 39 hours of limits, continuity, rules of differentiation and theorems that have all melded into an incoherent set of rules to operate on functions that I’m still not sure represent an ultimate purpose. Success has yet to be determined, as grades will not be posted for a few days.