Personal Log 2

I was recently asked “If you could design a woman fit for Dom, what would the personality traits, looks, etc be?”

This was my answer:

First and foremost she would have a completely open mind. She would be both willing and eager to question everything and be dying to discuss those questions with me. She would have a completely silly sense of humor, amused by the smallest and corniest things. She would be tolerant of others and not pass judgement on people. She would be more concerned with what she could do for someone else before she did something for herself. She would read to expand her understanding as much as she reads for enjoyment (basically she would be smarter than me). This will prob sound weird but she would wear a baseball cap. For two reasons, because for some reason I find it irresistible, and because she would never be concerned with “how her hair looked.” She would rather just pull it through the back of a cap and get on with her day. She would wear shirts that showed just a little bit of skin around her belly button because she knows that I can’t concentrate when she does and she enjoys messing with me. She would somehow magically know when I feel like being alone and completely understand. She would enjoy just laying together on the couch watching a movie. If there were a woman that met these criteria then I would not care at all what she looked like, because I would not be able to keep from falling in love with her.