State of Affairs

The constant of change has persisted on as I look back I can barely see the peaks I once stood upon.


The plural of the 2 wouldn’t that be 4? In this world the solitude persists… my back I feel against the floor.

Hold Me

If you can’t feel the rain on your face, then you’re all for not_


As I knock on the door of my future I can hear no echo, almost as if its empty, I may have to let-go.

Patriotic Love

I am astonished by the many faces which leave so many traces.


I live in a world where I rule yet no one seems to notice.


She looks but she doesn’t see I wish but I cannot seem to be the focus of her sight someone help me.


I’d like to go to a place where no one is, Where I can be alone to live in harmony.


Look around you what do you see? Is it real, are you as happy as you can be?


You can look to the future just like you look to the past, but the present moves too fast.

To be read like a novel...

Take into account how you feel in the morning. It could be the tell tale sign of how you sleep the next night. Find something hard in everyday, and then conquer it. Its so easy to speak to paper, it listens like all is silent and only you matter. I think I would enjoy living in a quiet corner where not much happens, and I could be alone with my thoughts. I already know I like to get drunk. There’s something special and personal about being inebriated. It’s almost a way of looking in on your self. Much can be discovered from this point of view, but like all points of view it cannot be the only one. For one point of view is both sad and depressing, look at everything from all angles and its way more interesting. OK, I’m done with this page, thanks for listening it helps control rage.

Needs & Wants

I would like to run far into the night. To a place where darkness becomes light.

From Me

I find myself alone on a plane of existence, everyone is close but not as resistant.

God bless U(?)

Holy shit. what if we couldn’t speak! Could I talk in a voice that means retreat? Or would the world seem different, in a silent void that is reluctant to reveal its yield? How do you think? Is it real? Or can you feel the presence that insists? I may just be a twitch! You son of a bitch how dare you resist, what if I wrote on a list, that I was going to slit your wrist, what if I tried to persist, would you show interest? What if it meant incest? What if it all was a test?

I don’t mean to imply...

If we lived in a bed there would be a sheet that represents life it almost seems neat.

No, it Can’t be!?!

To find what you’re looking for means looking for what you can’t find. How many people truly believe what you can’t see when you’re blind.


When you find yourself thinking don’t limit the youth, they possess all that you would find uncouth.

!Wake Up!

Speak with a meaning but don’t always mean what you say. If I must believe Then I guess I should pray.

Speak with a Sensation

Your existence is eternal why must you fight it? If it weren’t for such a blessing you wouldn’t even believe it.

On Top of It

Can you touch an empty space is there something to be felt? Does it have a consistency like a deck of cards dealt.

Ask Yourself

Touch the sky everyday it’s the link to all, without the sky who would we be there would be no door to the stars.


Touch if, grab if, lick if,


Space travel grabs imagination to fly amongst the stars what an incredible infatuation.


Continue to use the tools you have if it weren’t for the available you couldn’t survive.

?Would You?

Look out for those who choose to haunt you. They are the ones choosing to live without you.


Strike the distance in one way or another it’s gone before you know it make time for what you wonder.


Thinking about love brings feelings unknown. Unable to fathom the connection that has grown.


What if there were no mirrors all reflections would bend and fold, depending on consistency and perception untold.

In Some Ways

Patch the holes in your heart with life lived extreme. Indulgence and glamour feed fulfillment, and place meaning on the word team.


The light of belief is a blinding sight, I want to close my eyes and I just might.


If you could listen with your eyes what would you hear?


Life is never created nor destroyed only experienced.


If there was only a way you could be the one.


Out of darkness comes enlightenment.

In and Out

I’m thinking of someone you might know.

To: Yesterday

To all who are listening please understand…


Out of the darkness is where it’s from.

From Below

If I had the power to perceive


The water flows The air blows – The fire burns and the earth churns –


God is looking down on all of us…


Time goes by leaving it’s stench on the road. All that falls once again must grow.


The depths of perception delve deeper into unconsciousness Than any mere organism could comprehend.


A better man I want to be whenever I feel she thinks of me, No games are played only feelings conveyed…


i have come to the conclusion that love is the product of combining admiration with bewilderment.

Beginning & End

If there were no love – - would there be no life,? If there were no pain – - would there be no death?


As reality clenches tighter, I can feel my breath slipping. All I owe piles faster, surpassing any conception of height. –


Light travels through great darkness, over many millennia. Destined to be perceived by eyes all over the universe.


Finding and feeling you learn your way, never knowing how much you must pay. To you it is a necessary step, for others it’s a fucking paycheck.


We hope & pray, with hands clenched tight- - waiting – for when the time is right. - You place material means and value - Usually all your finances will allow u, Into the hand of your – god – and Then you wonder why all you received was a nod – (?)

4 – What?

Finding enlightenment isn’t hard, Teaching it is. Following footsteps isn’t hard, Creating them is. Finding ones own path isn’t difficult, Clearing it is…


Every so often I find myself battling demons That defy even my most structured comprehension. Bouncing, feverishly, through: thought, time and space, Religiously-ransacking any minute amount of reason.


Killing isn’t wrong, only perceived that way. Fore it is human nature, to take from another. Positions, love, money, - Hold no value to instincts?


Feed the hunger with one hand, Punch it with the other. Without feeling we may all enjoy life, Otherwise shut-up.