State of Affairs

The constant of change has persisted on as I look back I can barely see the peaks I once stood upon.

Friends and acquaintances have come and gone some leaving an impression but very few - relied upon.

Ideas and beliefs once held dear have seemed to vanish, some leaving behind confusion in place of revelations they once made clear.

Volumes of questions persist unaltered through life’s twilight I lie awake, causing the days to grow longer and more and more awkward.

Trying to stay positive grows harder with each year because - painfully - it’s become apparent knowledge can be susceptible to fear.

Surprised and disheartened I close my eyes because looking at the state of affairs proves god has been compromised.

When did we decide and who made the decision that the taking of one life is justified while the other deserves prison?

I will not stand in proud jubilation until we no longer think of ourselves as just a mere collection of nations.

Cowering behind walls of hand drawn borders keeps us straddling the fence of extinction, I fear this will continue until we can think of ourselves first as humans.

When extinguishing the candles on our cakes once a year lets all wish the for the same an existence that makes us proud to be here.